(Stock photo) Per NYPD, vehicle collisions resulting only in property damage are not required to be reported to the police. You are only responsible for exchanging your driver’s license information, insurance, and vehicle registration with all other motorists. For insurance purposes, a Report of Motor Vehicle Accident should be filed with the Department of Motor Vehicles. This form can be found online at dmv.ny.gov/forms/mv104.pdf, or at your local precinct or police service area.

(NOTE: A Report of Motor Vehicle Accident must be filed with the Department of Motor Vehicles within 10 days of a collision if the collision caused damage over $1,000 to the property of any one person. Failure to do so can result in suspension of your driver’s license.)

Leaving the scene of a collision before exchanging your information with other motorists is illegal under the New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law. Furthermore, you are required to remain on the scene and contact the police immediately after a vehicle collision when:

  • Any person is injured or killed;
  • A domestic animal is injured or killed; or,
  • A parked vehicle, or any other property is damaged, and the owner cannot be located.

Have you had trouble with this police policy with your insurance company, or it could have been done better?

By Danniel

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