Update: August 29, 2022. Glenn Hirsch shot himself on August 5. His suicide note was revealed.

Update: June 28, 2022. Even readers in Hong Kong were shocked that his lawyer said the ‘duck saucer killer’ did not do it!

June 2, 2022. His wife Kunying Zhao is angry that the police could not tell her anything about her killer and that their past complaints against the suspected killer were not taken more seriously. “Must someone (the victim) dies before something is done,” Bernard Chow said exasperatedly.

Why did it take five weeks? The 2019 Bail Reform law tightened discovery. Police has less time to gather evidence against a criminal. Laws should protect victims, not the other way around!

Vigil for Zhiwen Yan (严志文) Great Wall deliveryman killed April 30, 2022 was held on May 11. Next to Mrs. Zhao are Donghui Zang (District 28 Part B candidate) and Ethan Felder (District 28 Assembly candidate).

By Danniel

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