Update July 12, 2023: Co-Sponsor of S9460 (2021-2022) Robert Jackson asked the Independent Budget Office to do an assessment of the bill. its “unintended consequences” is likely 17,700 new teachers on top of the $6.4 billion pay increase.

Maximum number of students allowed in each classroom is currently set between 30 and 34 students (kindergarten, 25). By 2027, the maximum for K through 3 is 20; grades 4-8 is 23; and high school, 25.

Sponsored by State Senator John Liu, mathematically, it means that the same number of teachers currently could be kept even if the overall student population drops 25% to 30%.

According to the NYC Department of Education website, there were 1,058,888 students in NYC school system including charter schools, but the same website does not list the total number of teachers!

By Danniel

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