Democrats run New York City and New York State. Is that good for democracy?

  1. “Independence” and “Independent” party is now illegal in New York.
  2. Third party ballot access suppressed by the Governor Cuomo in 2020.
  3. Third party names may no longer have a column on its own, and could have those names removed administratively.
  4. Voters rejected “no question asked” absentee ballot in 2021, but Governor Hochul brought in back in 2023, and renamed in Mail-In Ballot.
  5. New York’s Congressional lines were drawn by a Special Master in 2022. Democrats hated that 4 Congressional seats were flipped, so it asked the State courts to redraw it.

I recommend 1. Open Elections (anyone can vote in a primary); 2. Recall (citizens can petition for a new election); 3. Redistricting be done truly independently without politicians involved; 4. To avoid fraud, voter can freeze absentee ballot request; 5. Voter can vote in-person by machine even if an absentee ballot was requested or returned; 6. Petitioning signature requirement is halved if Assembly district is halved; 7. Both petition signer and subscribing witness could sign another petition, designating and independent; 8 Blockchain voting; 9. “None of the above” (Leonard Popkin) vote box .

By Danniel

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