There are nearly 657,993 rent stabilized dwelling units in the City of New York (page 149).

When Housing Stability & Tenant Protection Act of 2019 was passed (page 108), the law ended high-income/high-rent and high-rent vacancy deregulation. A total of 6,662 units were deregulated this way since 1994 (page 181); and 170,386 due to high-rent vacancy deregulation (page 182). Stabilized housing stock could also be reduced due to co-op/condo conversion – 52,521; 421-a expiration – 32,640; J-51 expiration – 18,135; substantial rehab – 10,602; commercial conversion – 2,498; and other – 35,270 (page 183).

Tenant evictions have gone from about 24,000+ per year on average to 4,109 in 2022 (page 165).

Good Cause Evictions bills are before Albany expanding rent stabilization protection to non-regulated dwelling units. One of the biggest anti-landlord legislation exacerbating the housing crisis.

By Danniel

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