Danniel Maio

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In Queens, over 160,000 active voters are no longer registered in Queens between February 2021 and February 2022 according to New York State Board of Elections or 12% of Queens’ voting population. In Metro New York, about 36.6% or office workers were back to work as of June 1, 2022. Why are crime, City $102B budget and State $220B budget (your taxes), rental market, homeless, inflation at or near record high?

Maio is committed to fix and report our growing problems; Addabbo, in office since 2002, does not share with you what’s happening in Albany nor his voting record. If you are satisfied the way things are today, not knowing how your tax dollars are being spent… vote Democrat. If you want a safe and clean community giving police and neighbors the authority and respect they deserve, vote Republican or Independence or Conservative or Medical Freedom. If elected, you will see the difference.

Always, HUG your love ones; GREET your friends and neighbors; and SHARE stories so that others may be helped by your experience.

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