A voter asked me what can (a State Senator) do about inflation?

Government’s measurement and tracking of inflation is Consumer Price Index or CPI.

At the individual/family level, we see the increase of food/shopping, rent/mortgage, insurance/health, transportation/utilities expenses over time.

We adjust to inflation by cutting down consumption or hold off shopping waiting for price to drop… But,

what if the price NEVER drops?

  • Minimum wage
  • Real estate tax
  • MTA fares
  • Rent of rent-stabilized and controlled apartments
  • City and state licenses and fees
  • Parking and speeding tickets
  • Building and food inspection violations
  • Landlord-tenant eviction delays
  • Blocked sewers and potholes causing property damage
  • Government contracts
  • Loss of business and services due to theft…

Who is responsible for those prices?  That’s right, OUR GOVERNMENT!

Maio proposes a website of STUPID laws and regulations and their cost to taxpayers – inflation caused by the government.

We should not sweep under the rug countless wastes and wrong laws. 

An example is legalization of recreational sales and use of marijuana.  No single retail license has been issued to date, which means current users are buying them illegally. Has any politician cried foul? Is the police allowed to do its enforcement? Why must New York citizens continue to suffer?

Expose them!

Read the email.

By Danniel

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